About Credit Repair Warrior


Credit Repair Warrior is recognized as a knowledgeable source in the field of credit repair. We strongly oppose any incorrect, unwarranted, and unsupported entries that appear on your credit history.

Our Mission

The primary objective is to prioritize quality rather than quantity. Consequently, our objective is to provide credit repair services that are effective and affordably priced. We are dedicated to supporting individuals with low credit scores in attaining financial stability by enhancing their credit scores. Our team of experts offers personalized consultations to assess your credit and identify any issues. We strive to contest any errors and elevate your credit score by employing proven techniques. With our help, you have the ability to assume control of your financial future and achieve your aspirations.

About Us

Credit Repair Warrior is a business founded by Julio Perez with the goal of addressing individuals’ financial challenges related to their Credit Scores. We are proud to be a veteran owned and family operated enterprise. The company is made up of a team of professionals who hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees as well, as relevant certifications. Credit Repair Warrior is dedicated to helping individuals improve their credit scores and providing support to veterans, Active-Duty personnel National Guard and Reserve Soldiers in overcoming any obstacles that may hinder their success.

Whether your goal is to buy a house, get a car, obtain new credit cards. Credit Repair Warrior is here to make those possibilities a reality. The company follows a process that ensures clients see improvements in their credit scores within the first 30 days. No matter the extent or complexity of the credit repair needs you can trust Credit Repair Warrior to be your partner offering the most affordable credit repair services available in the market.

Meet The Team


Julio Perez was born in Havana, Cuba. He received his BBA and MBA from Keiser University. In addition, Julio Perez is certified in Basic Disputing, Advance Disputing, and Master Disputing. While attending to Business School, Julio Perez worked for the United States Army.
Julio’s first job was as a General Manager in Upchurch Management, Florida. While in this position he splited time between assisting the Organization with their clients, who has been a victim of Fraudulent transactions or double charges. Subsequently Julio was hired to practice inventory audits, performance evaluations, budgeting control, profit projections, strategy creation and development.
Julio Perez has worked in Finance for both, private and public interest practices. In his last year at the Business School, he had the opportunity to aid the U.S. Army in managing their funds. This included helping Soldiers deal with credit card issues such as traveling costs, budgeting, tardy payments, and revising their credit card transactions.
Julio Perez currently Directs Credit Repair Warrior since 2023. The Company focuses most of its practice and representation of its clients in the area of consumer credit report repair. The company also practices to a smaller degree in the area of Debt Consolidation including interest rate negotiations, and settlements.

Marco Perez Operation Director

Marco possesses extensive expertise in the domain of Credit Repair, with a substantial background in Business Operations spanning a duration of 8 years. He has provided noteworthy contributions to the growth of both the organization and its customers, and is esteemed for his remarkable skills in leading, comprehending global dynamics, analyzing data, and forging collaborations within the corporate sphere. Moreover, Marco has a commendable track record of successfully addressing disputes, introducing operational enhancements, and procuring Credit Repair resources.

Omar CastilloAccount Manager Director

Omar Castillo currently direct as Account Manager Director for Credit Repair Warrior. He serves as a senior advisor, in the social media marketing field. He handles more than 10 social media accounts and 300 directories for the Company. Omar Castillo is an expert in social media growth, known as a problem-solver with a passion for technology skilled at grasping a big picture, developing, and implementing solutions, partnering with business leaders and c-level executives. Here at Credit Repair Warrior, Omar Castillo coordinates strategy for developing and leveraging multi-disciplinary marketing plans, optimization, and analysis processes to support mission requirements.

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